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The Seeley Nordic Youth Ski Program provides kids in the Seeley-Swan and Blackfoot Valleys with the opportunity to learn the life-long sport of Nordic skiing. Kids in kindergarten through high school will meet Thursdays after school to learn how to explore the winter landscape on Nordic skis. Skiers learn to improve classic and freestyle (skate) Nordic ski skills through fun cooperative games and competitive race activities with volunteer coaches. The emphasis is on having fun while developing skills and an appreciation of our uniquely rich natural environment.


Focusing on training and competitive racing, the Race Team is for skiers who have experience skate and classic skiing. Race Team practices three days per week at the Seeley Creek Ski Trails. Skiers with less experience are encouraged to register for the Junior Prep Team to build skill and technique. The Race Team hosts the SKIESTA Nordic Ski Race the third Saturday in January. The SKIESTA offers a 1k, 3k, 5k, 10k, and 20k for racers of all ages, including adults.

JUNIOR PREP TEAM (grades 2-6)

Junior Prep Team teaches youth, (ages 8 to 11) how to skate ski and improve their classic skills through games and ski exploration. Prep team skiers are encouraged, but not required, to participate in the local ski races. Kids registering for Prep Team should have some cross-country or other ski experience. Prep Team meets twice a week at the Seeley Creek Ski Trails. First time skiers are encouraged to register for Snow School.


Nordic Race Team and Junior Prep Team Coaches:

  • Bridget Laird (PSIA Level 1, Children's Specialist, Coaching Staff)

  • Mike McGrew (PSIA Level 2, Children's Specialist, Coaching Staff)

  • Karen Kovatch (PSIA Level 1, Coaching Staff)

  • Brie Guilmette (PSIA Level 1, Coaching Staff)

  • Heath Hansen (Coaching Staff)

  • Ryen Neudecker (Coaching Staff)

SNOW SCHOOL  (grades 2-6 & ages 5-7 with a parent helper)

Kids strengthen their skiing skills and develop an appreciation of the winter landscape through skiing games, winter ecology, and exploration. Snow School meets every Thursday from 3:00-5:00 at Seeley Lake Elementary and occasionally at the Seeley Creek Ski Trails.


For any questions or information related to the SL Nordic Ski Program, please contact Bridget Laird at:, or (406) 210-0012 for more information.

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