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February 1, 2025

The Seeley Lake Biathlon, February 3, 2024, is a "citizens biathlon" race. No prior biathlon experience is required. Racers must provide their own ski equipment. Seeley Lake Biathlon will supply rifles, targets and ammo. Racers will experience the thrills and challenges of biathlon. Firearm safety and safe range procedures take priority over race times. All participants must attend a Gun Safety Briefing prior to range practice or race participation. Safety briefing times for each race listed below. 

Racers can register for 3K, 9K, or 22K. On-line registration only for the Seeley Lake Biathlon; there will be NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION.

  • 3K Categories: Youth & Adult

  • 9K Categories: Youth & Adult

  • 22K Category: Experienced Adult


Categories for the races will be broken into heats based on the number of participants, targets, and shooting safety protocols. Each racer in the 3K and 9K categories will ski a loop, shoot prone, ski a loop, shoot standing, and ski another loop to the finish line. The 22K event is for experienced adults. Each 22K participant will ski a 4.4k loop, shoot prone, ski another loop, shoot prone a second time, ski the loop, shoot standing, ski the loop, shoot standing again then ski the final 4.4 k loop to the finish line.  


A 150 meter penalty loop will be skied for each missed shot. All events are freestyle; there are no separate categories for classic or skate.


Snacks and drinks will be provided to racers; donations suggested for non-racer food.

MANDATORY Gun Safety Briefing and shooting range training will be provided on race day as follows:

  • 22K participants from 9:00am to 10:00am

  • 9K participants from 9:30am to 10:45am

  • 3K participants from 1:00pm to 2:15pm


This race is a cooperative venture between Seeley Lake Nordic Ski Club and the Wilderness Sportsman Club of Seeley Lake, both are 501.c.4 Non-Profit Organizations. All proceeds go to these non-profits for youth and event development. Our goal is to provide an introduction to biathlon and firearm safety to all participants, with a priority on youth and the young at heart. 

Seeley Lake Lodging:

The Lodges on Seeley Lake - 677-2376 • 800-900-9016

Double Arrow Lodge - 677-2777 • 800-468-0777

Rich Ranch - 677-2317 • 800-532-4350

Tamaracks Resort - 677-2433 • 800-447-7216

Covid-19: We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the Seeley Lake Biathlon if so ordered by the Health Department or by consensus of Race Administrators. 

For questions contact Chris at


4.5K Loop (used for 22K Race)

4.5K Loop.png

2.5K Loop (used for 9K Race)

2.5K Loop.png

1K Loop (used for 3K Race)

1K Loop.png


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WMF&G Assoc.jpg
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