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March 6, 2024 SLNSC Board Meeting 5:30pm at the Seeley Creek Trailhead Yurt


Board members present - quorum?

Review Minutes of Jan 3, 2024 Meeting  (Brie)

Treasurer’s Report  (Laurie) -

                                     Account Balance



Board and Officers - Interim Officers:  Pres Chris Lorentz, VP Darren Zellman,  Secretary __________

                                     Election at upcoming Spring or Fall meeting?

Old Business

501C3  (Bruce) -        Attorney Fees?

Grant Updates -         TSP  (Laurie)

                                     RTP (Mike)

                                     SLCF (Laurie)

Trails/Grooming -      future of Nordic Pulse

                                     Summer Maintenance 


Race Review -            OSCR  (Kim)

                                     Biathlon  (Chris)

USFS -                         USFS Cost Share Agreement Modification & CR

                                     Highway 83 Project Update


New Business

USFS proposal single track Bike Trails - SLNSC, SMT, and Mtn Bike Missoula


Next Meeting April 3, 2024?

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