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Welcome Hammer Nutrition as a Sponsor

We’re excited to announce that Hammer Nutrition endurance fuels will be on course at the OSCR.

Hammer’s been supplying athletes with natural products free of added sugars, artificial colors, flavors, chemicals, and preservatives for over 30 years. Visit their site to learn how to fuel smart, so come race day, you’re ready to perform at your best!

Proper Hydration

Water is the most critical component to exercise fueling, but it is even more important not to overestimate your hydration needs. Drink 20-25 oz. each hour to attain peak performance with less fatigue, bloating, and cramping. You’ll feel better before, during, and after you exercise!

Click here to learn more about hydration.

Calories Count

Replenishing calories in amounts of 120-180 calories/hour supports efficient energy production that won’t interfere with the use of fatty acids for fuel. Utilize Hammer Gel and HEED as your primary fuel sources during the OSCR for stable and reliable energy, hour after hour. To avoid burning muscle tissue, your fuel should contain protein in a ratio of about 8:1 carbs to proteins. Sustained Energy, Perpetuem, and Perpetuem Solids are your best fuel choices for long-duration exercise.

Learn more about proper caloric intake here.

Electrolyte Replenishment

To keep your body functioning smoothly during the OSCR, replenish the full spectrum of electrolytes consistently, and completely. Hammer Nutrition’s Endurolytes formula is designed to fulfill your body’s full-spectrum of electrolyte requirements – not just “salt”. Hammer Nutrition HEED will be available at all aid stations throughout the OSCR course. Add Endurolytes Fizz or HEED to your water bottle as an easy way to help replenish electrolytes.

Click here to learn more about replenishing electrolytes.

Pre-Event Fueling

To perform your best during the OSCR, be sure to complete your 300-500 calorie pre-race meal no less than three hours before starting. This allows time to fully process the meal so your body can devote all blood and oxygen to your physical efforts, rather than expending energy digesting your meal. 

Learn more about pre-exercise fueling here.

Recovery Done Right

Hammer Nutrition’s Recoverite supplies everything your body needs to jump-start the recovery process. Drink Recoverite within 30 minutes after you finish the OSCR to reduce soreness, rebuild muscle tissue, and restore muscle glycogen.

Click here to learn more about recovering right.



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